The talented stillmotion crew has been hosting short film competitions this year based off of a variety of themes--the most recent theme entitled, "overlooked".

You can find the entries and vote here:

I shot this footage this past summer when my wife and I visited Italy. The original cut was 1:23 in length but in order to meet requirements, I had to chop a whopping 23 seconds of footage off. Ouch. It was difficult… but a worthwhile necessity to submit this piece.

Italy is absurdly beautiful with a lot to see and do. Filming this piece, however, put into perspective the idea that there are a lot of special happenings going on in normal, mundane, everyday moments of life–driving down a country road, kids playing by a fountain, a father helping his children drink from the town pump, stolen kisses in alley ways, and yawning dogs–all things that have the potential to be overlooked.

During my time there, I began developing a personal filming philosophy: there are a lot of special ordinary moments–I just have to open my eyes, pay attention, and capture it. Hopefully, others will pay attention too.

All the entries are a worthwhile watch. Check ours out and vote for chris & oliver cinema // those simple moments if you feel so inclined :]

behind the scenes:
original edit:
music: Catching Up // Daniel Dixon // licensed through

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