A short video clip preapared for the Subway Conference 2010 under the motto of "Together We Are Stronger"


Producer Stephanie Farmer

Production Manager Yukta Dave

Directed by Andrew Ireland

DOP Trevor Hearing

Sound by Jo Tyler & Baitalikee Ghosh

Lights by David Klein & Henry


Hero: Nicholas Scalino

Sub Yoda: Andrew Renardo Foebe

Musician 1: Yasir Hassan Khan

Musician 2: Malcom Kennedy

Obi Sub Kenobi: Yunus Biren

Wolf Man: Patrick Sheppie

Tattoo Guy: Glen Wiggall

Alien Cowboy: Josh Ward

Monsters: Hanna Hargrave, Yunus Biren

People: James Christopherson, Candice Scotuzzi, Seep Sri,

Special Thanks to Red Balloon Productions and Bournemouth University The Media School

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