This video was shot over three days of interviews with beer bloggers at the Beer Blogger's Conference in Boulder Colorado. I asked the writers: What's your Beer Theory. An open ended question that they could answer how they wanted to answer, and this is what they said.


Ashley Routson - Drink With The Wench
Erik Boles - Beer Tap TV
Eli Shayotovich - Beer Tap TV
Jason Fellon - Beer Cruiser
Tiffany Adamowski - 99 Pours
Adrian Rinaldi - Beer Snob Chick
Julia Herz - Craft Beer
Carla Companion - The Beer Babe
Sean Jansen - 2 Beer Guys
Ryan Jansen - 2 Beer Guys
Bob Mack - World Class Beverages
Chuck Knoll - World Class Beverages
Tamre Mullins - Girls' Pint Out
Jay Brooks - Brookston Beer Bulletin
Billy Broas - BillyBrew
Jennie Chen - Miso Hungry

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