and a boy that has a prius.

Roadtrip Video Diary in a stop motion esque format. Over 3,000 photos from the trip. Photos were left as is straight from camera (d90) and in the same order begining to end. We traveled from Chicago to California and back across again. We started in Chicago and went through, Iowa, nebraska, colorado, utah, nevada (las vegas) california (death valley & LA), arizona, new mexico (sana fe), oklahoma, kansas, missouri, chicago.

If you'd like to see more videos, please give us some money so we can travel some more. naima loves pidgeon, forever and ever, amen.

we are selling t-shirts (as seen in the video) to help cover our expenses and make more videos like this for you. If you'd like to donate money, please do so at or purchase a custom made t-shirt by naima at

pidge and naima

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