The malleability of the digital.

On a personal level, this is a project about unrequited love. On a spiritual level, this is about the cathartic possibilities of the meditative dream space: the subject meditates on himself and another man, only to return to the televisual constancy / loneliness. On a technical level, these videos project, showcase, and flaunt the relationship between the televisual (4:3) and the cinematic (16:9): the subject is cut apart and reconstructed several times by the changing aspect ratio of the video.

Additionally, we may view the televisual as a hyperreal space, whereas the cinematic is a dream space. The television is always projecting; the cinematic is a finite window. In the time since this video was produced, the televisual/cinematic relationship has been further blurred (no more 4:3 screens sold).

The title: we might view it as interrogative, exclamative, declarative, or imperative. All of these work, and we can view the piece in different ways when shading the title differently.

Videography by Benjamin-Baker Smith. Second man played by Jeffrey Vaudrin-MacLean.

My senior project at Oberlin College under the supervision of Jeff Pence, Brett Kashmere, and Tess Takahashi. Videography completed April 2008. Post-production completed using Final Cut Pro May 2008. Presented as an installation at Oberlin College May 2008.

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