Work produced by Max McMullin as Head of 3d Design and animation at Resolution Design, 2006 to 2011, Engine, 2011 to 2014 and Freelance 2014-now

People who worked on these clips:

Shaun Shelling, Ray Kristianto, Tom Corbet, Mathias Reiche, Albert Susantio, Ashley Nagy, Chris Harris, Hugh Carrick-Allen, Joe Leveson, Tylney Taylor, Mick Watson, Ed Coy, Sean Pow, Elias Atto, James Dunlop

Lisha Tan, Joel Osis, Lee Sandiford, Kent Smith, Josh Edwards, Mike Williamson, Nick Pelty, Victor Norman, Maxence Peillon, Niel Monteeth, Darren Coombes, Jamie Watson, Chris Lever, Lilian Darmono

Simon Robson, Tim Dyroff, Iain MacKenzie, Chris Riggert, Josh Frizzell, Ben Nott & James Houston, Scotty Wilcox

Amelia Peacock, Chris Seeto, Will Alexander, Lara Allen, Roy De Georgio, Alison Kennedy, Verena Zannantoni

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