REBIRTH OF RESONANCE is an experiential audiovisual art work that was exhibited world wide in
2009 in combination with my paintings. The context of this art work is the energy field
that emerges from human resonances with the realm of nature and the built world. In the
audiovisual installation the public experiences the magical reality of an eagle when it is making
a journey from the deep jungle of South-America to the diverse landscape of Australia.

I collected material for 10 years and I put all together in after effect and final cut softwares in two months as a mix media shamanic visual art , also with the collaboration and the help of the good talents friends. I has being exhibiting successfully "Rebirth of Resonance" together with my paintings around Europe , Venezuela and Australia.

"I believes as everything resonated in the universe, our mind, body, feelings, and soul resonated with all what exist and nothing is separated, all is one soup of energy and sounds our soul can not be contained by geographical frontiers or by man made oppressive and rigid systems.

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