My new GH2 on a Blackbird Stabilizer (the latter available from I've used the Blackbird with my XHA1 cameras, but the GH2 is a lot lighter, so I can use the stabilizer for extended periods.

I moved house last year and having not used the Blackbird for about 9 months, it's easy to get going with it again.

In this video there's no audio and this is the complete take, just me walking around looking at stuff. You have to plan where you're going, and keep only half an eye on the LCD, as you also have to avoid treading on things on the ground. I'm walking quite fast in this video - slow moves look really good with a stabilizer, but are much more difficult to get right so I need to work on those.


GH2: 14-140 lens at widest angle, with OIS switched on (normally you switch OIS off using a stabilizer, but it seems to work fine with it on).

Blackbird Stabilizer: Minimum weight (one small weight each side, short bar at the bottom, gimbal extension raised slightly).

PLEASE NOTE 3 minutes long, 8mbps file, and no audio - it won't look as gorgeously detailed as some of the other GH2 footage on Vimeo, but the point of it is to see the motion rather than the details, and I had to balance quality against upload speed. Settings were cinema, full auto, and 1 stop underexposed. Assembled but otherwise completely ungraded in Vegas. By the way, there's a still frame from the Vegas timeline on the right side of the page - click through to see it properly. Stepping through the original frames, the quality is just jaw-dropping for such a tiny, elegant camera.

I'm doing a 3-minute drama scene on location next week and will be using the Blackbird / GH2 for a couple of shots - and on the basis of this, I think it's a potentially killer combination.

Any questions please ask. If you download and it doesn't play, try changing the file extension to .mpg - that should work.

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