The first installment in a new documentary webseries.

The Isle of Wight Cheese Company.

Richard Hodgson, originally working as a TV Editor, one day decided to pack it all in to become an artisan cheese maker. After a very welcoming response from the local market and achieving the Best English Cheese Award early on in 2007, Richard has never looked back.

Now Richard is looking to the future, educating his customers to understand more about the business. He strives to be a sustainable and valued part of the local community and promote the role of the local food producer.

Island Artisans aims to promote farmers and producers on the Isle of Wight, and by extension Britain as a whole.

We want to show you the people behind the businesses.
We want to show their strength of character and proud ethical traditions of their trade.
We want to show how hard they work and how they strive to produce quality foods, ethically and with their local community in mind, not just their profit margins.

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