Automatic Music Videos: Stock Footage 1

An example from my final project in Computational Photography (15-463) at Carnegie Mellon.

Using a library of eight 2-4 second clips, the video was automatically assembled and warped to fit with the music (for some definition of "fit".)

This is a test of the algorithm with real-world footage, meaning lots of background noise, etc.

See for a comparison with rendered, geometry-based video clips using the same music track.

See for a comparison with the same video clips and different music.

Program written in MATLAB
Music by me

Stock clips provided by:
eightiesish lazer thing -
squireels -

U.S. Atomic Energy Commission:
Big Underground Explosion 1 (1960) -

C. E. Price:
Rabbit Runs Away 2 -

Gordon McDowel
Calgary, Vancouver Timelapse -

Nick Mazurek/cmuTV
Various videos of squirrels

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