There were a lot of reasons why I escaped from the Northeast that week. Snuck off really, without telling anyone outside of a few souls until I was safely in my Uncle's house in a very cold Chicago. I think the big one was that my brain needed a jump start. It needed a rest from New York and New Jersey. It's only been a few months since I came home with that cool little film of Anna Vogelzang last time around, but I knew it was time to return to Chicago again.

So, onwards then. I have to thank Ryan Gould, a blogger in Chicago and a friend of VInce Dynamic, for sharing a few of the bands from the are that he liked. The Love Shots are from Elgin, Illinois. They have this really great oldies sound to their already high-energy music that I really latched on to.

That day, we decided to film inside Rediscover Records which also doubles as an antique shop in downtown Elgin. I was there about an hour early. As usual. Just to walk around town. I ended up inside this used bookstore next to Rediscover that I swear served me the best hot chocolate I have ever had in my life. Cheers to that Iranian woman that owned the store and even gave me some tips on other local music gems. She even stopped me from packing up my things for it. "Wait, wait. Let me call my daughter! She knows all sorts of this crazy music. Wait, wait, honey!" she waves.

When the time came, I walked into this record store filled to the brim with random stuff. Porcelain Simpsons dolls, Christmas decorations, battered records, paintings, plates, clocks. It looked nice on camera but seriously, filming the band playing inside that store was like running an obstacle course. The last two songs by the Christmas tree, I was segregated to the corner opposite the door.

They seemed young. Really young. Still in the beginning stages of this band of theirs. So, cheers to them for trusting a stranger from the East enough to make this souvenir to remember them by.

Wanderer Session #49: The Love Shots
Images, Sound, Edit by Kevin de Wilde
Filmed in Elgin, Illinois
Winter 2010-11

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