The Irish Iron-age epic, An Táín Bó Cuailgne, central tale of the Ulster Cycle, set to the music of Lorcán Mac Mathúna, Eoghan and Flaithrí Neff, Seán Óg Mac Fhirléinn, and Martin Tourish. World Premier in Armagh's William Kennedy International Piping Festival. Commissioned by the WKPF.

The Celtic Iron age epic, An Táin Bó Cualigne (the Cattle raid of Cooley) is over 2,000 years old. The words used in this production were taken from the Book of Leinster which was compiled between 1150 and 1220 AD.

In An Táin, Cú Cullain alone faces the combined armies of four provinces of Ireland, united under Maedbh's banner. The prize: the magnificant brown bull of Cooley.

Blood is spilt on the Táin as the armies of Ireland are checked by the lone warrior who holds them off for a winter while the Ulster warriors lie beneath the stupor of an ancient curse.

The William Kennedy International Piping Festival commissioned Lorcán Mac Mathúna to produce this modern musical interpretation. The World Premier was performed in Armagh CoI Cathedral on Nov 13th at the 2010 festival.

Lorcán Mac Mathúna
Martin Tourish
Eoghan Neff
Flaithrí Neff
Seán Óg Mac Fhirléinn
The Book of Leinster (12thc)

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