I'm exploring different ways of documenting the process of drawing figures in three point perspective. This time I've exported a snapshot from each saved file I had when I was done. I have a habit of resaving before removing used reference lines and moving on to another element. This video is a short representation of the entire process.

The first white set of lines are exported from a 3D application, SketchUp, to quickly get a starting point. Then I build the rest in AutoCAD by using multiple perspective points. Lastly I color the image in Illustrator, which is the last image you see in the video.

Encoding a video with perfect one-pixel-lines seems to always end up semi-desaturated, and keyframes seems messed up after Vimeo conversion, buuut, I've uploaded three different versions so far so this will have to do.

Blog post: andreasaronsson.com/2008/11/05/impossible-figure-2008-09-22/

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