Involving investigation at both a microscopic and macroscopic perspective through technological and metaphorical methods; communication, community, and conversion are fundamental concerns of this work. Cross-modal transitions that take place within the two forms and the poetic nature of the conversation addresses these variable concerns. Only limited interaction can happen within the gallery space, so an outside source is utilized to incorporate the general community within range of the work. This remote connection links a single dialogue to a wide range of systems that promote conversation and interactivity within a society; reinforcing translations and differentiations within transmission of sensations, sentiments, and statements in the form of digital information.

The singular tête-à-tête also translates graphemes into a completely different mode; a further translation of expression into colour. A subjective synesthetic(1) map derives the transition of words; where a synesthete perceives a specific letter that invokes a specific colour whenever this particular individual perceives said letter. The system is embedded within a digital vernacular, again reinforcing the main point; communication. Also, the material is chosen to reflect back on the viewer: not only to incorporate them into the ongoing dialogue before them, but allows the viewer to realize that they are a part of the unending digital collective.

Using an existing source, a live Twitter feed spanning a 50 kilometer radius which includes the KW area, raw data processes into two streams which then relate every grapheme in the stream to a coded colour relating to that exact grapheme. The result is a constant stream of colour which fades off into the neutral white that is the culmination of RGB colour.


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