Breckenridge, Colorado:
Hey guys,
it was a really short term decision going to the USA in Dezember. Breckenridge is the place to bo for all the freeski pros in that time because they have the best training playgrounds over here and the first stop of the Dew Tour is taking place in Breck.
Well, Caja Schöpf, Lena Stoffen, Bene Mayr and few more friends from Germany and Austria are here right now and for me it’s a great coordinative training to go to woodward at copper and skiing with them.
Woodward is the main reason I followed them. You can learn new rotation tricks on the trampoline into the foampit - nearly without risking anything.
That’s even the way I learned the cork 720:
Freeski pro Bene Mayr showed how to do the rotation and I could learn it on the tramp really quick. Than I took my bike and tried it a few times into the foam pit. You can’t really imagine how much it helps to be comftable with the rotation.
It’s really impressive to see how good all the skiers are in coordination. I just can tell you that trampoline jumping is one of the best things you can do for your overall coordination skills.
So I wish you good wintertimes – may be on the trampoline as well and lets see wich trick the training brings for the upcoming season 2011. ☺

Stay tuned, all the best,

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