A short film based on Jenifer Hixson's Moth story, later told on This American Life.

Currently beginning the festival circuit.

Website: GirlsWhoSmokeMovie.com

Facebook Page: Where There's Smoke

Kristin Taylor
Loren Lockwood
Jose Restrepo
Eric Gunther

Tawny Foskett - Director
Laurie Rud and Quan Robinson - Producers
Jenifer Hixson- Story
Gordon Farrell and Tawny Foskett - Screenwriters
Sanne Kurz - Director of Photography
Irina Arnaut - Art Director
Editor: Jef Taylor
Sound Design: Matt Broadfoot
Trailer Editor: Tawny Foskett
Composer: Lucas Van Lenten
Credit Song: Lila Nelson
Trailer Music:
Sam Pacetti's "The Lion and the Child"
Brian David Band's "Up Down Sideways"

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