This is a talk that i presented at DojoCon 2010 in order to illustrate how some institutions and organizations fail at security by using what i'd call an "inverted model" from a human/tech interaction perspective.

Rigid, inflexible security that consists of dumb people acting as support to technology is inherently broken. Real security is achieved through flexibility and adaptation, which is seen in systems where technology is deployed only to support smart, well-trained people.

The example i use to illustrate such failings is that of the TSA and their role in passenger screening at airports. We have gone from bad to worse, all because of greed and stupidity taking precedence over genuine thought and real security.

This talk (hopefully) conveys how institutions can do security right (from a human perspective) and also lays out simple and effective means that we the people can use to resist and ultimately destroy the ever-worsening system of passenger screening that we see during air travel.

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