Following a beautiful scale model of a Blohm & Voss BV 138
with a camera equipped Twinstar. The air to air shots are FPV, Filmed with a Sony SD cam, Flycam1², IF OSD Cam.

Filmed and edited by Chris Koubek

Configuration for this film:
FPV Twinstar: Flycam1² under wing, FPV-cam on cockpit, pan via slider on Tx,
10mW downlink to LCD Monitor, recording on Laptop.
BV138 equiped with a pan-tilt helmetcamera with seperate Tx Rx and downlink-recording.
The air to air recordings were made on one evening with 3 seperate flights.
The BV inflight cockpit shots were recorded on a seperate day with much darker sky.

Some data on the Modell BV-138:
Type: BV138-C1
Built: 2006
Span: 299 cm / 9.8ft
Length: 221 cm / 7.25ft
Hight: 72cm / 2.36ft
Wing area: 1,321 qm / 14.22 sqft
Material: Balsa
Max. el. power: 2,5 kW bei 15V (4S)
Endurance: 22min

The fuselage of the model contains a 5 litre water tank.
When in the water, the tank is flooded to achieve a scale water line.
The ballast water is bailed on take off. A bit of the water flowing out can be noticed in the video shortly after take off.

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