Rick Coffey, Managing Partner of Aquatix Water Technology Resources

Ray Smith, CEO of Commercial ATM Enterprises, Inc.

Keith Clougherty, CEO of Copley Retention Systems

Jeff Szur, CEO of Drinkable Air, Inc.

Mead McCabe, Jr., CFO of GeneEx, Inc.

Willie Morris, VP of Operations at Imaneed.com

Coty Fournier, CEO of JobSite123.com

Brian Garr, CEO of LinguaSys

Albert Comas, CEO of MobilCash

Enrique Baiz, CEO of Papatel

Frank Reilly, CEO of Rexecon International, Inc.

Gary Bahadur, CEO of Razient

Danielle Schwolow, CEO of StatusStalker, LLC

Bob Salvat, CEO of SurgiTrace, LLC

Whitney Belker Vauvelle, CEO of The Music Producer

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