Songwriter Michael Garfield on the Light & Shadow Tour with Charles Shaw, explaining how to identify aspects of one's own splintered psyche and re-integrate them.

In ten minutes, Michael manages to connect the dots between conspiracy theory, Jungian psychology, psychedelic therapy, comparative mythology, the paranormal, and the creative process...AND sing a song about it ("Let It All Get Out," lyrics below).

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let it all get out
set it all splayed there on the table
if we're to make this work
none of our horses can stay in the stable
chomping at the bit
churning up dust with restless hooves
empty your pockets
and unpack the boxes you left underfoot
and let it all get out
open up your heart and throat and sacrum
if we're to see this through
we must see through our explanations
squeezing till it hurts
squandering our limited resources
and praying for the worst
to justify our wasted sacred forces
it's time for full disclosure
time this cold war's over
time to own our demons
time to meet our reasons
time to bare our teeth and let the plovers clean them
and let it all get out
stand up and uncap that volcano
if we're to live at all
we must acknowledge the buried anger
pushing at our doors
a still-unexploited energy source
so dig to the core
and do not be afraid of who you are anymore

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