The movie is inspired from the classic play Typical Arathi written by A.S .Murthy and is Produced by
SV Babu.

They say theatre gives life a new dimension and a new thought. The audience visualize life through the characters of the play. The writer and the director of the play gives each one of his characters some shades that he associates with today's society, the relevance of the character in most cases is just contemporary for the era of the play. This movie is about the tussle between the legendary playwright TP Kailsam and the characters that he created,. Each Female character of his play comes back to life just to question him why ???? Why ???? And only why me ?????

What does the legend have to say about this .. Is this the ghost of his past, is he reminiscing the characters shades from his own lifes example. Watch and you will embark on a journey walking hand in hand with the legend.

The famous 4 female characters from 4 famous plays of TPK can be found in the movie - Simply Kailawesome, All 4 female characters played by Chaya Singh which is going to last in the memory of all cinema lovers, the man behind the camera work is Shreesha Kudavalli and edited by Sri. Music by BJ Bharath.. The movie is captained by M G Srinivas in the seat as a director who has also played the role of TPK .

Other Crew :
Art Director - Shashank
Make Up by - Puttaswamy
Costumes designed by - Chetan
Still Photography - Shishir N Siri
Associate Director - Akshay Prabhu
Assistant Directors - Pulasya Bhramha & Harsha.S

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