The scene - a day in the rainy season. A brother and sister walking to school. The little girl is playing a counting game, when she slips into a puddle and gets her nice uniform all muddy.

Little girl (about to cry): Bhaiyya... (brother)...

Little boy (addressing puddle): What! You attacked/hit her? Now watch out, I'm going to teach you a lesson.
(Starts kicking and pummelling the puddle):
Take that and that! Say sorry to her!

Little girl: Again! again!

Little boy (to puddle): Apologize right now!

(finally, he emerges covered in mud and muck, but victorious)
Little boy: The puddle's apologizing, sis.

FVO: If something good comes from a few stains, then there's nothing wrong with a few stains.

(a phrase similar in cultural meaning to the English phrase: sometimes you've got your hands dirty...)

FVO: Stains? Good.

Little boy (to puddle): Don't you dare do that to my sister again.

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