My Xacti was set to Landscape mode, 1920x1080 30p, image stabilizer on, no filters or additional lenses. This is straight off the camera, after resizing to 1280x720 in Quicktime on a Mac.

It seems picking the right video camera is still a matter of deciding which compromises you want to make. If you purchase a high end 3CCD beauty, it's going to be far heavier and bulkier than the Xacti. I also considered the Sony HDR-S11 and the comparable Canon cameras but they too are bulkier and heavier than my Xacti, even if their optical image stabilizer is nicer.

After hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park all day it was very nice to just stuff my Xacti into my pants pocket. Although the Sony and the Canon take better quality images due to the OIS, I feel I would have wanted to leave them behind in the car rather than take them with me, due to their bulk.

The Xacti is an uncomfortable compromise for me, but at least I *want* to take it with me, rather than feel like it's a burden. I don't like the electronic image stabilizer; I don't like the CMOS wobble; I don't like the jitter. But it's easy to carry, easy to use, and the image quality is Good Enough™ for me.

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