Wayne Kenneth of the family Glew is interviewed by Graham Francis of the family Lennard.

Wayne and a group of 8 other Australians have issued the nescessary paperwork that litterally sacks the entire Australian parliament.

This "Writ Of Mandamus" was officially placed in at the High Court and accepted as "all in order" in early December 2010.

The High court now has until December the 29th to issue it's response which will be...if it follows the law...to dissolve the Parliament through various Constitutional measures.

This is not a joke nor a "mickey mouse" fun and games outfit. It is the real deal.

Wayne explains the basics and the power that lies within the grasp of the individual if they will only see that wise men from not so long ago framed the laws of the land to be in accord with the will of the people.

This video will be updated and added to regularly.

When it is finalized with extra video and images and general information it will be posted in high quality for people to turn into DVD's and distribute.





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