PRECIPICE:epilogue is the third installment in a series of works by Bright Light Theatre Company following a 20 minute piece performed in July 2010 at Broad St. Ministry, a full length performance in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2010 set at Power Plant Productions, Philadelphia.

This film incorporates entirely original text, movement, narrative, and scenic elements from the staged production. All material was generated by the ensemble and design/production team as listed below:

Cast: Allison Caw, Katherine Cooper, Caiti Lattimer, Joe Matyas, Jonah Patten.
Director: Samantha Tower
Production Manager: Julian Karlen
Musical Composition: Mark Allen, Mike Kilduff
Lighting Design: Oona Curley
Scenic Design: Sara McCorriston

Cinematography by Alexander Dobbs, a Los Angeles based filmmaker.

PRECIPICE:epilogue was supported in large part by a grant from the Corzo Center or the Creative Economy, Philadelphia. This project is based on the goal of applying study in emerging audio/visual technology to the crossroads of stage and film; to develop BLTC’s process in both mediums; and to do so in a highly time and cost effective approach.

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