Setup: stock AXN Floaterjet, Graupner MX-16s, HK 100mW video tx, GoProHD with live out, 2200mha tunigy LiPo,650mha LiPo for video, Flytech All-In-One Goggles.

After four weeks of no time this is my first flight with goggles on. It was hilariously cold -10°C and the rather strong winds didn't help to make it warmer. The LiPos did a good job and the gopro battery too it was still almost full after half an hour in the cold. The videolink wasn't as good as expected with the buildin wip antenna .. 100mW Tx only about 200m max .. i was lucky the plane wasn't damaged during the crash.I will have to do some testing with the other receiver and the yagi antenna. Or get a 1000mW Tx powerhouse. Hopefully that will help with the video dropouts.

The plane as you can see was a bit heavy on the tail. Got to correct that next time but it was too cold.

The goggles are really nice and worked quite well despite the buildin antenna / Rx All in all it was a beautiful evening.
Thanks to Sven for spotting !!! He saved my plane !!! ;)

Music: Boards of Canada - Skyliner

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