A music video for the song "Memory Layne" by The Dolly Rocker Movement. Set in a Victorian world, the ghost of a murdered groom longs for his widowed bride until she can no longer live without him.

Official Selection for the Woodstock Film Festival 2011. Awarded for Best Concept at the 2011 LA Int'l Underground Film Festival.

Director/Producer: John Charter.
Producer: Adam Litt.
DP: Rainer Lipski.
Cast: Daniel Darling, Tamzin Brown, Emily Stoia, Jimmy Sweet, T.J. McDonnell, Mayday.
Production Designer: Alessandro Marvelli.
1st AD: Jonathan Lumbley.
2nd AD: Tim Gagliardo.
Production Manager: Ian Coyne.
Wardrobe Stylist: Evita Corby.
Hair Stylist: Candice Birns.
Makeup Artist: Alison Christian.
Gaffer: J.J. Rogers.
Key Grip: Pablo Romeo.
Swing: Taavi Lehtimaki.
1st AC: Alan Gwizdowski.
Art Director: Andrew Gutierrez.
Art Czar/BTS Photographer: Maggie West.
BTS Photographer/Audio Playback: Ed Matt¡uzz¡.
Script Supervisor: Amy Arter.
Additional Wardrobe Stylist: Jenna Wright.
Wardrobe Assistants: Lauren Machen, Emily Stoia, Tatiana Wyand.
Horse Wranglers: Stuart Bennett, Rachel Raia, Jennifer Garbner.
Key Production Assistant: Sara Eberhardt.
VFX Artist/Reference Colorist/2nd AC: Reynier Molenaar.
Additional VFX Artist: Chris Weller.
Roto Artists: Steve MacMillan, Jon Julsrud, Billimarie.
Color Post Sup/Online Editor: Augie Arredondo.
Colorist: Bob Curreri.
Production Consultant: Richard Reens.

Special Thanks: Velvet Threads, Adam Friedman, Ray St. Claire, Sven Dreebach, Richard Reens, Sarah Morrison, Chezza Zoeller, VW Scheich, Cyril Ruth, Morgan Schmidt, Adam Cushman, In A Place Post, Bad Afro Records.


YouTube version: youtube.com/watch?v=846SF4gWVpU&context=C47d1a95ADvjVQa1PpcFOm26cQ_y1psdUFLdQIGWkJ7-s9h87WKAc=


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