A "No Modest Bear" Xmas exclusive:


This live recording is a new version of the original "Lembras-te?" song (we did for a compilation before our debut album came out). It lived on as part of our "Lylac" tour shows line-up and we think it's nostalgia driven atmosphere is a good match for the Winter/Xmas season, which is filled with memories. For those who wondered, "Lembras-te?" is something like "Do you remember?" in our native Portuguese language.

Bruno Miguel - Piano, synth, vocal sampling/loop;
Marcela Freitas- Vocals and percussion (thunder machine, tambourine);
Tiago Morgado - Lead viola, looped viola;
João Silva - Electric bass.

And visuals by Su (my.little.lie).

See you in 2011... love,

Join us at :: facebook.com/PAPERCUTZ || soundcloud.com/PAPERCUTZ

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