Entry for David Lynch's comeptition, for 'Good Day Today' on Genero TV.

Solely Created and Edited by Sophie Nicole, 18 Years Old.

I wanted to create a piece reflecting what I thought the song meant to me. Lynch is such a big influence to me, and his really lyrics captured me for this song.

Using footage from numerous horrific events or things from my own eye and perspective, I bring across a messge - that humankind is strangling it's own planet of everything that is beautiful.

The Nazis, Hiroshima Bombing, Violent Protests, heavy Pollution, gambling...etc...

But there is hope. we just need to listen and learn.

Hopefully music can open our eyes.

Enjoy the video, i'd enjoy any feedback!

Music - David Lynch 'Good Day Today'

Extra Credits - The Fantastic public domain resources at:

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