*shivers* wow it's cold outside, so what's better than a nice, bubbly, warm hot chocolate to satisfy the taste buds?

Recipe: (for one standard size mug)
80ml water
180ml milk
1 teaspoon cocoa powder
15g dark chocolate (70% or higher cocoa solids)
couple of pinches of cinnamon
2 teaspoons of sugar (4 if you don't use honey)
1 generous teaspoon of clear set honey
pinch of salt
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
handful of marshmallows
crumbling of oreos
spray cream

You'll need a wooden spoon and a fairly small pot to add your ingredients too. Take your dark chocolate and break it into small pieces, then a teaspoon and add your cocoa powder, also add the sugar, honey, cinnamon, salt (this is for flavouring, it enhances the flavour of chocolate). Measure out 80ml of water, then add to a full heat.

Stir your mixture with the wooden spoon until all the chocolate has melted and it appears as a lovely deep brown. Make sure you don't let the chocolate boil, otherwise you might burn it and it won't really taste that nice otherwise. Once everything has melted let the mixture simmer. Go measure out 180ml of milk (any kind is fine) and slowly pour it into your mixture.

Stir for a few minutes (again, without letting it boil) and then turn off the heat. Add a teaspoon of vanilla essence then continue to stir the mixture for a few seconds.

Prepare your mug by adding the marshmallows and oreo cookies first, then slowly pour your hot chocolate mixture in, allowing enough space for your cream. Apply the cream in a circular motion, and then finish with a dusting of chocolate shavings, and some cinnamon.


Procrastination details:
Shot from 12:30am until 7:30am (7 hours) on the 18th December.
Edited from the 18th December until the 20th December. (15 hours editing).

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