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Amazing couple? Check. Amazing colors? Check. Amazing event? Oh yeah!

Here is the highlight video for Vana & Luke's exciting and memorable wedding! This couple's special day was truly incredible. Family and friends from all over the U.S came to witness the newlyweds' story unfold.

As you can see, they had a lot of fun and exciting moments that we just couldn't leave out!

A little bit about the couple. While we were shooting Vana during her morning prep, she was on her phone texting/calling making sure everything was set and ready to go. This just shows that she's an "On point" type of person. For those of you who don't know, planning a wedding is no joke. A lot of stress, phone calls, emails, text messages are made. Nonetheless, she did an excellent job planning her own wedding and everything worked out great!

A little about Luke. The guy is AWESOME! Haha. He seriously knows how to have fun. His friends and family call him hyper. lol. I have to agree with this. During their grand entrance, he was super pumped and was bouncing and jumping all over the place! lol.

We started off at the Sheraton Hotel in Downtown San Jose for their morning prep. Then off to Vana's parents house for the traditional tea ceremony. Vana wore a dazzling red Chinese dress then changed into her elegantly detailed white wedding dress. From there, we headed out to the church where Vana and Luke said their "I Do's." Then finally the bridal party headed over to Dynasty for the reception. All I have to say about this part is that there was an open bar. lol. Need I say more?

Overall, I thank Vana & Luke for giving us the pleasure of covering their wedding day! Cheers!

-Sonny Tang

**Did you notice the gorgeous centerpieces? They were done by the one and only talented Jeeryn! You can contact her here.

Shot by: Sonny Tang, Tim Nguyen & Michael Nguyen
Edited by: Sonny Tang

Live. Laugh. Love.
Lightbulb Videography

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