"Krinking" Absolut "Limited Edition" Vodka bottles for EXIT Magazine at Krink Studios in NYC.

To mark the launch of the exceptional ABSOLUT LIMITED EDITION bottle, ABSOLUT Vodka is proud to present ‘A Work In Progress’ with internationally renowned New York artist, Krink and art, fashion and photography magazine, EXIT.

“Krink”, aka “KR”, is one of the most visionary and inspirational street artists working today, and is also the creator of KRINK - a line of the finest quality handmade inks and markers, used by artists the world over. Originally from Queens and still based in New York City, Krink’s unique technique has almost single-handedly popularized a global obsession with dripping ink in street art.

With the bottle as his inspiration, Krink has created fifteen individual custom-designed ABSOLUT LIMITED EDITION bottles, with each 70cl bottle being uniquely customized using the artist’s signature; KRINK ink, in striking black, silver and white.

The artwork created from the collaboration between ABSOLUT, Krink and Exit Magazine will be featured across twelve pages of Exit magazine, on the shelves in December 2010.

Photography Bjorn Iooss
Film, Soundtrack & Editing The Crystal Pharoah

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