A sharp-witted investigation of love, work, and human responsibility in the age of consumption and hyperexposure.

In a world where we find “everything helping itself / to everything else,” Anna Moschovakis incorporates Craigslist ads, technobabble, twentieth-century ethics texts, scientific research, autobiographical detail, and historical anecdote to present an engaging lyric analysis of the way we live now. “It’s your life,” she tells the reader, “and we have come to celebrate it.”

“I didn’t believe I could delight in a poetry of cultural critique until I read You and Three Others Are Approaching a Lake. Capitalism, clinical definitions of personhood and desire, bloodlust, waste, guilt—the four serial poems in this collection wrangle with issues so big and painful that the mind reels; yet at times I found myself laughing out loud. ‘Death as a Way of Life’ poses the question, ‘Can a grammar kill?’ If it can, I hail Anna Moschovakis as Chief of the New Poetic Army.” —Dodie Bellamy

“Tragedy has its taxonomies—therein lies its beauty, and the beauty of You And Three Others Are Approaching A Lake. Like life, like poetry, like the reworking of the happenstance of language and the random facticity of human eloquence and violence, Moschovakis’ pieces cut into and through the fact of what matters. Like a child’s cry.” —Vanessa Place

“Suddenly I am not afraid of poetry. It’s Moschovakis’s bailiwick now, whose opalescence springboards the revolution we have been waiting for.” –Bob Holman

A Brief Essay Inspired by You and Three Others Are Approaching a Lake: Do we need an island or a canoe? Or something else entirely? This book is not going to tell us what we need, nor what to do with what we have. It is going to suggest there are procedures alternative to material conquest—different ways of enacting “free experimentation, trial and error”—without providing instruction. We might choose not to open the big white envelope, but even so the contents of the envelope and their reverberations will inflect the spaces we inhabit.
—Jen Hofer

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