'Life Path' is a spiritual film about reincarnation. Fia remembers her previous life. Almost 30 years after dying at age 8 in a fire, she joins a group called Life Path, whose members all recall at least one prior incarnation. Together, they help with one another's past life issues. The support of fellow member Aleta helps to trigger memories Fia didn't even know she still had. Since her father was partially responsible for her death, Fia seeks to find him so that they can both heal. Meanwhile, Aleta has a story of her own.

Written and Directed by Areya Simmons

Over the years, interest in reincarnation has risen rapidly. To many cultures in the east, reincarnation is nothing new and is accepted without question. It is a topic that is not often addressed in Western films, much less treated with an entire story. Although the characters have endured ridicule from people who are skeptical of their experiences, the story does not question the validity of the concept of reincarnation. It proceeds with the assumption that the soul has continuity and is capable of remembering multiple lifetimes. The goal with this film is two-fold: to raise awareness and understanding of those who have memories of previous lives, and to help everyone connect to the spiritual essence that unites us all, thus creating a worldwide community of tolerance and cooperation.

Shot in October, 2010. Filmed entirely in Savannah, Georgia and Skidaway Island.
Theatrical Cut: 12 Minutes
Director's Cut: 20 Minutes

We are currently in post-production. 'Life Path' is intended for the festival circuit. Your contribution will help to cover post-production costs, distribution costs, DVD creation, and all festival-related expenses. Many talented artists have dedicated long hours and days to make this film a reality. The project has come so far, and your contribution will ensure that the world sees it!

DONATE HERE: kickstarter.com/projects/areya/life-path


Life Path Official Website: lifepathfilm.com/
Life Path Senior Film Facebook Group: facebook.com/group.php?gid=331242789164&ref=ts
Areya Simmons's Website: areyasimmons.com/
Areya Simmons's Facebook Profile: facebook.com/areya.simmons

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