Part 7 in a series of nighttime and astrophotography time-lapse experiments.

Time-lapse taken by
Jeremy Mayhew

Music "4 or 5 trees" by Rachel's

Thanks to Tim Penicaud for the company

View I (dusk): shot December 4, 2010
Exposure: 0.5 sec. at f/20, ISO 100
Intervals: every 5 sec.

View II (night): shot December 4-5, 2010
Exposure: 29 sec. at f/3.2, ISO 3200
Intervals: every 61 sec.

View III (dawn): shot December 5, 2010
Exposure: 1 sec. at f/2.8, ISO 100
Intervals: every 5 sec.

Shot on a Canon 7D with a Tokina 11-16mm, f/2.8 lens.

All views shot in Aquinnah, MA during the New Moon of December 2010 (one very chilly night).

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