This is the first ever music video I set out to do. I actually got the project from Quark, one of my teachers who was kind enough to help me get my hands on a professional project. It was funny, because when the band contacted me, asking me to make them a music video, I thought they were just a bunch of Quark's lazy students or something. So I went on to reply, "I'll help out, but directing the video should be your job." They almost didn't get me to do it., but luckily I was able to fix that mistake. hehe

We were really lucky to get an awesome location, at Ten02 bar in Timog, QC. The band was friends with the owner of the bar, Miss Scarlett (who is an amazing jazz singer and sounds like Ella Fitzgerald), so we even got to use the place for free. The bar was perfect for the seventies theme, even more so when Karen and her team were done with it. We had a vintage mic! How the hell did we get that? (We also have a hidden ipod somewhere there)

The band was great, they were really game with everything, even if we kept them there for the whole night. They also had to get used to playing the song around 25% faster (I think...), since we were shooting it in slow motion.

The extras were also super game. We had a whole lot of people come on the day of the shoot because we were suddenly short of extras. We also got them to do a little choreographed 70's dance, thanks to Anne, one of our PA's. We also played some Earth Wind and Fire on set, so the extras would feel the funk. (and I think it showed that they did hehe)

Also! The guy who was originally cast for the leading man had some kind of fuck up with his manager, so a few hours before the shoot, it was really of crazy. Good thing Nicky Daez (from WYD Prod) came over to help out his girlfriend while she PA'ed for the shoot. We asked him on the spot if he wanted to star in a music video. haha Lifesaver! And I think it worked out well.

The ending included here is a result of negotiations between the band and I - it was either: end on the closeup, leaving the video as a simple narrative, or add the extra scene of the old man, supposedly adding an epilogue. The crew was divided on this decision for a while, so I just decided to put both versions (with a bail out crossfade. haha)

At present, Paasa is #17 at the Pinoy Myx Countdown. Congrats guys!

Featuring Nicky Daez and Dani Canlas

Director: Gio Puyat
Asst. Director: Gracie Vergara
Director of Photography - dom Dycaico
Production Designer - Karen Ramos
Production Manager - Adi Lopez
Stylist: Kirsten Brito
Art Dept: Danna Espinosa, Ace Cayetano
Gaffer: Edward Logarta
Lights & Equipment from Cinerent
Editor: Gio Puyat
Colorist: dom Dycaico
PAs: Paulyn Melgar, Sabs Bengzon, Anna Lou Lagman, Billie Puyat, Cake Escalona, Kerr Bay, Nico Mendiola, Jopy Arnaldo, Anne Silva

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