Geert Mul
God’s Browser
Work in progress NL,
March 2010
Generative interactive installation

V_01 Developed at Baltan Laboraties
Distributed by V2_Agency
Programmer: Carlo Prelz

Generative interactive installation with projector, projection screen, theremin, computer, and custom software.

In God’s Browser, Geert Mul uses scores of images pulled from the internet as the frames in an abstract film. Using specially developed image recognition software, Mul creates the illusion of motion between unrelated images.

Never before in the history of humankind have so many images been freely available as they are in today’s society. The Internet encourages people to produce images because it is so easy to publish and share them. Netscape launched the first graphic user interface (GUI) browser in 1993. In the meantime, the Internet has morphed from a textual environment into a visual universe of images.

Geert Mul’s God’s Browser is a meditation on the Internet as both database and dumping ground for human knowledge, thoughts, daily experiences, desires and fears. The generative and interactive installation God’s Browser helps create order from the chaos of fragments online with the use of specially designed image recognition software. The software sorts images from the World Wide Web and arranges them real-time in a specific sequence. The result: a generative "movie" of thousands of images. Similar images share the same sound. Using the Theremin, you can influence the speed, zoom in and out, which causes the figurative to become abstract and destroys the “order.” A most meditative and hypnotic experience.

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