Emma Pilipon (SWE)
No Fate

Performance: 8 - 11 December 2010.
Paticipants: Emma Pilipon, Helena Pataki, Selma Kjellsson and Louise Mullavey.
Duration: 3 hours.

No fate is Emma Pilipon’s own mainstream world, filled with dreams and self-fulfillment, distilled out of the American pop culture.
In four rooms side by side: a TV –studio, two girl’s rooms and a bar, the audience can observe four parallel stories. In each room a short course of event is repeated, like favorite film cuts taken from TV- series or easily digested Hollywood productions.
In the bar the artist herself is acting as the waitress dreaming of the big breakthrough, the one where she finally gets to become who she really is; an actress. Next door we see a young woman improved in books on self-help, with a strong ambition to find and develop herself to be the best that she can possible be. Meanwhile all the pretty things in her exclusive home are distracting her. Next room is a grown out children’s room with a girl in a difficult transition, the gap between being a girl and a woman. The TV hostess quickly catches the viewer’s attention with her flirty exaggerated facial expressions. She is a hardworking girl that gives her all in the hope that the right person will discover her and offer her the spot in the limelight she strives for.

The audience gets close but is yet never really included, at times with a feeling of being intruders. The recognition is a fact, we have seen the cuts before. The banal scenes that tell us that we haven’t yet reached the goal, that the hope is still there, that the dream is still alive.

Emma Pilipon’s big fascination and working material are the things that often are looked upon as shallow and banal. With a sharp eye for details and a genuine interest she adopts the stories of celebrities life’s, the clichés and the kitsch in magazine journalism and invent it to her own narratives. She creates something universal and welcoming of the things we usually keep a distance to or dismiss.

Emma Pilipon (b. 1977 in Buggeryd, lives and works in Malmö).

Read More: lilithperformancestudio.com/emma.nofate.html

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