The object in the middle of the beans is an almond. That represents people who don't quite fit in, or just seem to be disliked for one reason or another. It represents people who just don't always conform to general thinking. Hug those people today. I'm one of them.

This video is an animation with 80 or so frames. I placed the beans directly on the scanner and moved them a little bit for each scan. When I finished with all the scanning, I loaded each frame into Microsoft Picture It. Then, I created a single gif file out of all the frames. Then, I loaded the gif file into Sony Vegas to put text, music, and a miniscule amount of effects. The beans behaved well on the scanner, with the exception of the dry ones because they cracked under the pressure of the scanner lid. I gently moved the beans around on the scanner, as to not scratch the surface. I stopped once to clean the scanner, that's why mid-way through the animation I cleared everything.

I've done coffee bean animations before with my camera. The quality is better, but the scanner environment is much easier to control.
MUSIC is from
The song is "Somewhere Sunny"

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