Part 1: Arrival at St. John's, March 17th 2008, 8am. What a morning! What a glory!
By the way - Antigua is pronounced An-tee-ga, not An-tee-gwa.

Part 2 (start around 03:52): Impressions of the Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Divine, one of the lasting tributes to Europe's early exploration of the Caribbean islands.

Part 3 (start around 05:56): In the streets of St. John's. Time for a nice cup of espresso at Hemingway's Caribbean Café.

Part 4 (start around 08:33): A stop at Monk's Hill. Here you see the Falmouth Harbor and English Harbor. And a short stay at Turner's Beach.

Part 5 (start around 11:12): Chill out evening on the ship and a beautiful sunset. Also filmed the departure of the Sea Princess.

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