For the past 46 years Mike Babick, or "Grandpa Mike" as he likes to be called, has turned his house on Falmouth Street in Prairie Village, Kansas into an animated Christmas display. Each year some 250,000 visitors trek across his lawn to get a close-up view of all of the moving parts inside of each display - his garage is a cave of spinning dolls and rocking horses while a Santa and Rudolph duo pop out of a nearby window. No surface, window or visible area of the house goes undecorated, curious visitors will even peek inside to find Babick relaxing with family and dozens of ornaments hanging from the ceiling. When Babick started, all he had was a modest string of lights, now his house is a tourist attraction. It's a passion; a crazy, and perhaps somewhat creepy passion. To put it in Babick's words, "If you build your dream with care, people will come from everywhere." It would be easy to think this guy is totally nuts, and maybe he is, but he believes in Christmas, even Santa Clause, and this is his way of spreading cheer to every non-believer out there.

Tight Salad is:
Austin Walsh, director/photographer:
Dustin Schirer, editor:
Glendon Scott, creative director:

Special Thanks to:
Grandpa Mike Babick
Patrick Meagher
Quinn Katherman
Justin Woolard
Katy Hagan

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