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Threw together a quick video of me driving around Downtown Orlando/Church Street area on a Saturday night. This was the first footage shot with the new cam. The blurrier shots are zoomed in all the way.

To answer a few frequently asked questions:
There is editing software built into the camera itself and the USB 'flips' out from the top. You can, however, use your own software to edit. Either way it's amazingly simple to do. I have used both Windows Movie Maker and iMovie to edit with this camera and they both work splendidly. You can also just upload the raw footage straight from the camera straight online. If you'd like to hear the Mino's spectacular audio quality since I've obviously dubbed this video with music, you can watch any of my videos made after this one, as I have used the Mino to film everything since I've gotten it. I love it, and if you're in the market for a new camera, you will too!

The song is Black and Gold by Sam Sparro.

*UPDATE* Thank you everyone for your kind comments! A lot of you have said this video is just what you needed to help you make your decision in buying the new Flip Mino and that's exactly what I set out to do when making this. Good luck to all you who ended up getting one! Have fun!

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