I wanted to visualise Flying Lotus’ LP Los Angeles ever since it came out, because always when I listen to it my brain starts creating images to it. So for my final work at my MA in motion graphics at IDEP Barcelona I finally gave it a chance.

My plan was to just experiment with whatever comes out of my mind, do a sketch, build it in 3D or 2D and then connect it together, but the main idea was to create a futuristic looking environment to reflect the ambient feeling that comes from the music.

Doing so I figuered out three main problems:

As I already worked fulltime for Inocuo The Sign I only had time to work on my MA at night, what led to almost no sleep and increased timepressure. At this time I had almost no idea about Cinema4D at all, but anyways I wanted to learn it as fast as possible. I got totally lost in my thoughts and ideas.

In the end I didn’t nearly get as far as I wanted, anyways I’m happy with the outcome and I definetly learned alot. One day when I have time I want to change the end as I think it doesn’t really fit or even continue visualising more tracks of the album. So watch out for updates!

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