-official end at 19min-

Video shot while August 2010 while our (Elsa and I) Road trip from Seattle to Portland, then along all Oregon coast, and Northen California untill San Francisco.

Shot with Nikon D90 and lens Sigma 24-90mm 2.8

Edited by Camille Durand on FCP

Music from the Rolling Stones : "Gimme Gimme Shelter", "She's a Rainbow", "I can't get no Satisfaction", "Get out my Cloud", "Under my Thumb", "Play with Fire", "Paint it Black" and "Sympathy for the Devil". that was actually the only tape we had for this 14 days trip (we actually had the Cure too, but).

Thank you again Kelsie for your car. And your music.

Thank you a lot too Gabbi and his roomates/friends, and Carson and his roomates/friends for hosting us.

And Thank YOU Elsa for having flew here to come seeing me !!

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