Project One - Sound track.

I created this in two layers, the bottom one being focused on time(clocks) and the second part on the passing of time (progress of the day).

The first part that I did is the bottom layer which is really just a bunch of ticks and chimes and beeps that all come together in one loud crash of noise. This is supposed to be the merging of time/sound.

The second part are sounds from throughout a person’s day; so morning, day, and night sounds. This is to represent time passing within a day.

The bottom layer is slow to start, where as the top layer begins right away with merging sounds. When the bottom layer becomes louder it will break up the top layer and become the more dominant noise and then break again as it fades to the back and the top layer will once again take over.

All together I hope to get across that morning and night are the times of day were we aren’t as busy (we are waking up or going to sleep). The day is the part where people, in general, are busy and 'time' seems to take over- we are all rushing to get stuff done. Night comes and you chill out and go to sleep.

Hope you like XD

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