When life is not enough, even pretending doesn't help. But everything's alright, isn't it? Or may that be the problem? Is one allowed to ask, what fulfilment is? Does this question destroy oneself? A young woman (Nadine Petry) does pose this question and is looking for answers ever since. Without success. But with more and more doubts. Doubts about the world, the people, herself? Who can you count on, when nothing leads to happiness? Your best friend (Marius Schneider)? True love? Pure chance? Is there hope that one day, everything will get better?
A film about the inability to simple be. A heavy burden. Too heavy for some.

Main Actors - Nadine Petry, Marius Schneider, Timo Jahn
Director - David Segler
Cinematographer/Editor - Hartmut Schotte
Production - NahDran Filmproduktion
Producer - Wiba-Keke Wermann
Executive Producers - Stefanie Minkley, Nadine Petry, David Segler, Wiba-Keke Wermann, Daniel Shnitzer

(This online version differs slightly from the Director's Cut that is shown at festivals.)

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