We bought our first Gopro motorsport and went to the test. Did not want to wait until morning, then made at night. We know that at night the GoPro does not work so well. But it is only a test for fun!

Anyway, we are 100% satisfied with the GoPro, give us a great leap in productivity and possibilities.

Well, this is the first video comparing the GoPro Motorsport and 5DmkII. We know that cameras are not for the same purpose. But worth the test!

The first major advantage of Gopro, is the practicality and flexibility to install, do not take more than 3 minutes to adjust the camera and start recording.

To put the 5DmkII on car rig,...well, it takes a loong time.
We use a Manfrotto tripod with a suction cup on each leg. And to adjust everything takes longer than 10 minutes.

Both cameras suffer from the uneven asphalt.

At night, no miracle and no surprise, 5DmkII shows up better. But the day ... already know what the GoPro is capable of.

Not to mention that a GOOD waterproof housing for the 5DmkII not leave for less than U$ 1,200

GoPro ... very good.
Who did not buy, buy because it's so cool!


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