Audio & Visuals are performed realtime.

We're all users.
But not everybody is a Superuser.
We all use.
But never as much as The Superusers.

The Superusers is a vehicle for artists to extend their practice into unknown territories. Members of The Superusers are involved in performance, music, film, programming, installation, literature, and costume. Members may incorporate their existing work from any medium, which is then adapted into a dynamic and cohesive audio-visual performance. The result is a retroactive combination of aggressive audio-visual media with the absurdist humor of dada and expanded cinema. The message is EXCESS!

date: 26.11.2010
event: O.F.N.I. Film Festival #8
location: Espace Mendes France - Poitiers, France
The Superusers - Scott Sinclair (sound, projections, performance), Freeka Tet (sound, projections, performance), Sophie Soni (costume), Anton Maiof (sound, text).

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