The internet is an interesting place in the sense it's making our world super connected. NYC-based producer Jinesis came across this video by video/sound artist, Kasumi whose work has been in Lincoln Center with The New York Philharmonic and has had collaborations with Grandmaster Flash and DJ Spooky. Jinesis is the producer behind most of NYC's indie hip-hop more prominent emcees. Having worked with emcees from LL Cool J to Homeboy Sandman, Fresh Daily and YC The Cynic, there are very few NYC venues he hasn't has his music played in. Kasumi is one of the leading innovators of a new art form synthesizing film, sound and video in live performance. Immediately, Jinesis knew he wanted to remix the remix and make it more dance friendly and contacted Kasumi about remixing the video. The extra percussion to the already hypnotic loop, which samples a toy commercial from the 1960's, makes it rhythm ready for fancier footwork. Another example of creative individuals using the internet as a tool for creative collaborations. Enjoy!

Percussion by : Jinesis
Visuals by: kasumi
Edited by: kasumi
kasumi's remix:
Download track:

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