This is a submission for Philip Bloom's Weekend Challenge 4.

The challenge is to make a film that sums up your year in some manner. I thought hard about this challenge and planned on shooting a film of my kids on Christmas morning. Christmas gifts are a way of telling your kids that you understand them. As they grow and change they develop new interests or get deeper into old ones. Christmas can be a time to show them that you have been paying attention and that you appreciate who they are becoming.

For this film, I ended up focusing on my middle son as he played around on his new slackline. My son, Owen, loves discovering new and interesting activities. He has taken up unicycling, juggling, jumping stilts, and is in the process of forming a quidditch team at school. When I saw a slackline kit at the local hiking store, I knew he would love it. Sure enough, within a few hours of him opening it up Christmas morning, he had it strapped between two trees and was teaching himself tricks.

My year is reflected in his determination and his joy.

Thanks Owen for being an awesome kid!

The music is by my friends Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (used with permission).

Shot on a Panasonic GH2 with the Panasonic 20mm/1.7 and my old Nikkor 50mm/1.8. Edited on FCP. No grading.

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